Parallel Agile® add-in for Enterprise Architect

Add agile project management and code generation to EA

The add-in expands Enterprise Architect to support the Parallel Agile process as described in the book Parallel Agile: faster delivery, fewer defects, lower cost.
Our free add-in extends Enterprise Architect with the following features:
  • Adds a UML profile for Scrum - including a new diagram type, the Sprint Plan diagram
  • Run CodeBot® to turn your UML domain model into a fully functioning microservice-based API
  • Adds a use case complexity analyzer
Don't have Enterprise Architect? Download the free 30-day trial from Sparx Systems.

The new Scrum UML profile

The Sprint Plan diagram provides a way of visualizing epics, stories and tasks for a sprint, and allocating work to teams or individuals:

The diagram is installed as a UML profile.

To create a Sprint Plan diagram, choose Add Diagram; select the type Add-In Technologies, then Parallel Agile; then choose the diagram type Sprint Plan:

We show how to use the Sprint Plan diagram on agile projects, in Chapter 4 of the PA book.

More about CodeBot

We talk about CodeBot a lot on this website, so feel free to have a look around, and get a feel for what this cloud-based code generator can do for your project.

As a quick capsule summary, CodeBot can:

  • Read any UML domain model (class diagram, or package of diagrams)
  • create a server-side REST API for database CRUD (Create, Read, Update, Delete) operations
  • create object-oriented client libraries in a variety of languages
  • write OpenAPI/Swagger documentation
  • create a JSON Schema for data validation. This is automatically used in the API, but you can apply it elsewhere in your project too

All of the above is packaged into a big zipfile of source code and build files, for you to put straight into use in your own project.

As an option, we also host the generated API and Swagger docs on our cloud server along with a private Mongo database, so you can try out your generated API within a minute of hitting "Generate" in EA!

By the way, we're adding new features to CodeBot at a rapid clip - new databases, languages and capabilities. If you're interested to be an early adopter, please get in contact.

More about the Use Case Complexity Analyzer

When you're partitioning a project for parallel development, rapid use case complexity analysis is a particularly valuable capability.

The analyzer tool:

  • looks at any nested diagrams within the use cases (e.g. activity diagrams, sequence diagrams, robustness/MVC diagrams)
  • scores the complexity of each use case as easy, medium or difficult, using a weighted average of the complexity score across all nested diagrams
  • color-codes each use case accordingly on the diagram

You can rerun the complexity analyzer any time as your design evolves. This way, you can get an instant tactical assessment of your use cases. If your team analyzes use cases rapidly and in parallel at the beginning of each sprint, you can predict where the hotspots will occur and plan adaptively to provide help in those areas.